VACUUM BOHEMIA is Number One in Czech market in the field of vacuum systems design and vacuum pump delivery. Our customers are provided with a complete customer service, starting with vacuum system design and ending with consumer spare parts delivery. Registered business name of the company is VAKUUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. Company is based in the Jihlava, Czech Republic, Europe.

VACUUM BOHEMIA’s Main Activities::

Focus to Quality:

Our priority is a trouble-free operation of vacuum systems, vacuum pumps, blowers, and compressors in use. We are aware that any interruption of a vacuum or compressed air supply can cause distinctive losses. The quality is obtained by means of:

In case of unexpected events, we shall provide a professional and speedy repair by service technicians with more than 10-year experience. Our company’s service ensures:


  • Vacuum: rotary vane vacuum pumps (oil lubricated and oil-free), liquid ring vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, and piston vacuum pumps
  • Blowers: side channel blowers, root blowers, vacuum boosters
  • Compressors: oil-free compressors, oil-free mini compressors, beer compressors
  • Accessory: oil, separators, filters, vanes, spare parts

Vacuum Devices

VACUUM BOHEMIA sells products of more than ten manufacturers. Some of selected companies you can find below.